Written by: Ray Dillard

Oh no! Train again!

Perched upon parallels of steel,
You roll your way on heavy wheels.
Thundering through town
With a rhythmic rattle and clickity-clack.
Your deep throat rumbles diesel black.
Cars convey a cargo of corn syrup,
Commuters and coal.
You are an ant trail of steel
Packing prizes from a picnic port.
You are the artery of America’s life blood.

--Four full sets of dominoes 
Laid in one long row.
--A segmented serpent
Slithering on shining steel.
--A bright-eyed Cyclops screaming in the night,
Awakening children with a fright.
--A termite traveling through boroughs
Beneath the “Big Apple”.

You are the canvas of gangland graffiti
And ferry for freight hoppers
Who dare to hitch a ride.

A network linking limits sea to sea.
Now, rattle past, and make it fast.
I’ve places I should be.