Threads of Sand

Written by: Carrie Richards

Small grains of sand come trickling down
Eluding all my reason's understanding
Flyspeck granuals, all demanding
Time worn thoughts of days unwinding 

Hourglass, my dark companion
Reminds me of the timeless questions 
I watch sand fall and feel so small
A meager doll, that's all I am
One by can it be
each speck will tick my life away?

I watch them flow.......they slowly slip
right through my hand and fingertips...

Each glimpse, so brief before they fall
Each grain is gone from yesterday
And fleet as rain, that comes today

I turn you up, around you go
Watching sand, is life rewound
Behind the glass the days decline 
Like spindled thread, the time unwinds

Sand dwindles from my life...I see
The spindle turn, what's left of me
Will swirl and twirl, and drift away
To weave with threads of history

Inspired by Jeremy Martin's Contest: "Objectify Me"  Hourglass/Doll/Spindle