Electricity Car-show me the funny part two

Written by: David Fisher

I bought a used electric car, and not coz I’ve gone green
For there were better reasons for obtaining that machine.

I figured weekday mornings I could save some precious time
Transforming my used car into the voltage making line.

The first thing that I added was a GFI outlet
That was capably installed by my second cousin Brett.

I then hooked up my toothbrush and put in what I loved most
A shiny, stainless, four slice, brand new toaster for my toast.

I couldn’t charge my razor since there wasn’t any space
So I plugged in an adaptor that should cover every base.

No sooner did the mini fridge take up the whole back seat
The juice and bread and butter filled its 1.5 square feet.

Last of all I mounted a new flat screen on the dash
And don’t you know that luxury depleted all my cash.

A light went on inside my head conveying some green scams
Like selling drinks and other things while stuck in traffic jams.

Or maybe my good neighbors would be inclined to pay
For running cords to their machines while parked in the driveway.

One day I found that my car had a convertible top
When too much steam from the popcorn machine made the top pop.

And that mishap was followed by a nippy, drenching rain
Shorting my ‘lectronics; going green can be a pain.

After that the batteries did not hold a single charge
Forcing me to lug the heap to an auto salvage yard.

Someone asked why I didn’t start with a Winnebago
Coz I had fun driving something green as a tomato.