A is for

Written by: Joyce Johnson

A is for Adams, second and sixth presidents.
B is for two Bushes who were Whitehouse residents.

C is for Clinton, forty-second president of nation.
D is for Davis, President of Southern Federation.

E is for Eisenhower, a president and World War hero. 
F is for President Fillmore who was pretty much a zero.

G is for President Grant, a general in the Civil War.
H is for President Hayes whom we don’t speak of any more.

I is for Isabella, two queens of England, one of Spain.
J is for President Jefferson seen by some as being vain.

K is for President Kennedy who was assassinated.
L is for President Lincoln whose worth can’t be over-stated.

M is for Presidents four and five, Madison and Monroe.
N is for Naguib, Egyptian president of sixty years ago.

O is for Obama, who is USA’s first  black president
P is for Polk .who was number eleven to that office sent.

Q is for Quezon, first president of Philippines.
R is for two Roosevelt’s with five presidents in between.

S is for Saul, King of Israel, and he was a very wise man.
T is for President’s Tyler and Taylor and Taft and Truman.

U is for Umberta,  king of Italy before he had to go.
V is for Van Buren, 8th president, plagued by financial woe.

W is for President Washington, number one in every way
X is for Xuanzong, Chinese emperor in long ago day.

Y is for Yeltsin, elected Russian president in 1990
Z for Ziaulhaq ten-year president of Pakistani.

These men of fame and some of shame, were leaders in their time.
Their names in history are writ and fill this little rhyme.