The Lost And Lonely Sea

Written by: Maggie Mae McAfee

The waves are vicious and wild.
They thrust the vessel to and fro.
We struggle to maintain balance.
Our efforts to resist are seemingly slow.

The horizon is barely visible.
Perhaps more than water resides.
What was that glimmer of glitter?
Where the lost and lonely hides.

Wondering if the storm has elements.
That only appear at their will.
Another thrash tranports us closer.
There are luring eyes below, so still.

Suddenly it happened at a whisp.
The movement of the water is slowing.
Clearly the dark silhouettes are present. 
However the craft is rapidly flowing.

The sea protects it's wayward souls.
Welcome to your unforseen destiny.
Your course has been predetermined.
Enter the water and you will see....