Good Old Blue

Written by: Donna Jones

This story is dedicated to good old blue
A 1984 Chev truck, once shiny and new
Now in the weeds, covered by morning dew
Held together mostly with duct tape glue

Poor, poor old blue, how did this happen to you?
You've been a good friend tried and true
We have had fun times and worked hard too
To see you like this makes me cry , boo hoo 

Never referred to as a tire, but always a shoe
Your parts I thought to be lifeless , were seemingly few
You became part human from my point of view
On the question of my sanity, some often chew

If I had a wand, I'd make you anew
And this journey again, we would renew
How to do that I haven't a clue
But if I could I would eagerly do

Every scratch and dent I would undo
And give you an all over good shampoo
All these new trucks, you'd far outdo
And we would cruise down the main avenue

But you're old and tired...and I bid you ado
I hope in truck heaven you find quite a crew
A bigger heart, no truck ever grew
Than my old Chev truck, good old blue

┬ęDonna Jones