Visions Of Sugar Plums

Written by: Keith Bickerstaffe

A child up past his bedtime sat and stared,
a penny now for what he's thinking,
in the garden snow was scarce,
he saw the sculpture slowly shrinking.

He hadn't paid attention
when in those mid-winter thaws
the sculpture upped and disappeared,
'cos there was Santa Claus! 

the Tooth Fairy! the Easter Bunny! 
all are real to him right now,
sparking his imagination,
causing him to giggle 
for those presents, candies, shiny quarters
made his young heart sing with joy!

Much later, as a loving father,
he'll relive these wondrous dreams, 
and enjoy them with his kids,
these wondrous dreams 
now well remembered,
of the days when he was just a boy.