Written by: Mash Mulla

Trapped in her own web,
The sound of music was a bit loud,
As the dj played song after song,

I saw you sipping your 1st martini ,
Walked towards you with a smile,
You said you needed a guy,
To forget your past and troubles,

I was to save you from your own misery,
I knew you were damaged,
But I could not help but fall for you,
Now its seems to be years trapped in this web

In this cycle,
In this past, 
My flashbacks ring like bells in my own head,
As you ransacked my room,
Accusing me of being a cheat,

All I needed was your love,
Now my attic room is full of misery,
Untidy and trashy,
I can’t let you go,
Yet you tarnish my name,

To my friends my work mates,
Every time you say goodbye you come back again,
Every guy you see reminds you am better than them,
Looking for love in the wrong places,

I shed a tear of sadness and pity for you
I know this is the last tantrum I will have to bear with
As I Close the door behind