A Who Done It

Written by: Joyce Johnson

I know the answer to the mystery,
I heard it a long time ago.
My daddy helped the bunny color his eggs
Then threw the dye bath in the snow.

On Easter morning our caps were full
Of candy and pretty eggs.
We knew the Easter Bunny had been there
On his hippity, hippity hop legs.

When we went out to play after breakfast
We saw the large red spot in the snow.
We ran to ask Daddy what it was,
Now of course, this was  long ago.

Our Daddy then looked very sad,
And said "I'll bet all of my money,
Although no one saw them do it,
Our dogs killed the Easter Bunny."

So now, you all know our secret,
Though to save our loved dogs, we hid it.
We know who murdered the Easter Bunny.
Our dogs were the ones who did it.

Written 2/27/13