The Key To My Life

Written by: Aaron Guttery

What if everything I imagined was more than a dream?
If metaphors meant to you, exactly what they mean to me,
And I know it's hard to believe, and I don't expect you to see,
That when I'm not scribbling on a paper, I feel like my life's on leash

But at least, just understand that all these words that I write,
Come straight from the heart, it's like I'm writing my life,
But this paper cannot withstand, standing under that light,
If I cover it with shade, the sun would still be to bright

But the only thing that matters, is that you learn to believe,
that what I write is my life, and it's the blood that I bleed,
My whole life I've been writing, taking in what I see,
I've adapted to heartache, coldblooded is what I've come to be

No need to go in depth, this stream is to deep to swim
You might get lost if I open the door to my life and let you in,
so for now I'll keep the key underneath the rhymes hidden,
You'll have to learn to read between the lines to get in