The Hands of Time

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

The Hands Of Time Wish I could turn back the hands of time To stand there and watch my babies grow all over again Two boys that grew up so fast before my eyes Thinking of precious moments I wished never had to end I ask myself, what I would do differently then way back when Well, I would hold them more tightly in my arms each day I would cherish their every smile and laughter again and again Take more photos of us at the good times before they faded away I think back and wished that I wasn’t always so stressed out It stopped me to realize what I see today at the hands of time What raising children is truly all about Forever holding onto the reflections of love left behind I wipe the tears away and I stare deeply into the sunshine Seeing a reflection there of what could’ve been Still find myself fighting to turn back the hands of time A mission that I know I won’t win.