I Miss You

Written by: Karlin K. Jensen

Root beer; root beer floats.
Chocolate wrappers on the floor;
Christmas ornament stories.
Number names and Remington Steele,
golden days, Egyptian ways.
The camera: cold January water.
Noodle soup too hot to drink,
ice cream and coloured sprinkles.
A world within worlds.
Corner gas and sewing a onesie,
the laughter, nonsensical.
Rebellious, harmless games,
and "excuse my reach."
Talking, lights out, shushed,
and still, more laughter.
No siblings, yet twins.
Together. Sisters.
Memory upon memory like
layers of apple pie.

The wind changed, pictures
fly like crumbling leaves.
"Best Friends together,
For now, and Forever."

I miss you.