Written by: Boniface Wizilamu

There were moments in life
 When my fate lied at the edge of a knife
 I was afraid to live again
 Life brought nothing but pain 
when I could shed a tear 
 for others to cheer 
the more I cry	
 the higher their feelings float in the sky
I was a small boy
Any farmer would want to deploy 
forced to work in estate under strict rules
 that denied me a chance to talk of schools
 But just when I couldn’t withstand 
you came along and told me to stand 
you sung me a song
 that made me so strong
 you shown me the path to knowledge
 that has further led me to college 
now I have a chance  for once in my life I will dance 								       I can smile for a day	
 and ask God for more time to stay
 for I now have A REASON TO LIVE

(Dedicated to those parents who have adopted a street child)