Animal Cruelty

Written by: Maria Paz Samelo

I watched a shocking video today,
It’s an example of animal cruelty,
A variety of them killed without mercy,
Skinned to the bones while it breathing heavily.

A heart with no soul for doing this activity,
They are so scared shouting for their last day,
Pool of blood pouring to the ground of hell,
Small voices of dying animals, furs will sell.

The savaged men tossed them to the side,
A mountain of bloody creatures for sacrifice,
Looking at them begging to stop this inhumane act,
It breaks my heart and tears flowing down in fact.

The best thing we can do is to pray,
Show our love to animals every day,
Be vigilant, be concern,  and do your share,
They are God’s creation, please show your care.
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February 28, 2013

6th Place Winner
For PD's Contest
September 25, 2013