Dancing skeletons in the closet

Written by: jamie anderson

I dance in and out of your peripheral vision
I'm not really sure you see me at all you see the empty spaces I take up

I want to be more than what I merely represent to you
to everyone I wish to be the fragile doll porcelain eyes a non existent heart

A broken girl
A china chipped soul 
A center as black as coal
I need more than I could possibly get 
the empty void a silent voice and the glittering blackness all around

Trembling hands, coffee and cigarettes to drown the pain to ignite my feeble mind getting colder still bones are aching tired eyes sunken hollow lies I'm fine I'm fine

Escape to fantasy life running away from the harsh reality of real  life

Playing Alice in wonderland games falling down the rabbit hole easy to go down never to return to the infinite sun

Heart beating slow I can't stay too afraid to go a cowards call to the silver tinted knife 

The girl I merely represented has died