An Alphabet Feast

Written by: craig cornish

A is for Artichokes, sautéed or steamed
B is for Bacon bits, a tasty dream

C is for Casseroles like mac and cheese
D is for Dessert topped with whipped cream

E is for Eggplant, fried Italian style
F is for Fish, baked stuffed for a smile

G is for Grapefruit, a sugared fruit snack
H is for Ham sliced thin, or some hash

I is for Ice Cream,  that waits to be served
J is for Jellys and Jams if deserved

K is for Kiwi, as chutney is fine
L is for Lemon or green tart Key lime

M is for Milk, to wash it down with glee
N is for Noodles, some spiced sesame

O is for Okra, makes gumbo so thick
P is for Peppers to give it some kick

Q is for Quiche, a custard that’s fun
R is for Rolls, those good buttered buns

S is for Salad tossed with cukes and bright greens
T is for Turkey with stuffing and beans

U is for Ugli, but it’s just a fruit
V is for Vichyssoise, a tasty cold soup

W is for Waffles topped with butter and maple
X is for Xanthan Gum to make a sauce stable

Y is for Yeast to make the bread rise
Z is for Zucchini, a stuffed veggie surprise

Now if you’re hungry, please don’t you worry
Just run to the fridge right now, in a hurry!

Craig Cornish
For Cyndi's Alphabet Contest