Only Human

Written by: Scribbler Of Verses

Only Human

stripping away the shielding peels and layers of a heart that reels

searching for solace in an ocean of overwhelming promises more slippery than eels

only human...

sand-paper strokes grating within

piercing the moments like shrapnel before they even begin

only human...

devoid of malice and of ill-intent

burning out rapidly in order to merely be content

only human...

thoughts swarming around the flaming mind

silencing the bellowing hounds in a world so patently unkind

only human...

fleetingly here and then into the dust to mingle

at times howling a dirge of sorrow yet sometimes whistling joys' lilting jingle

only human...

aren't we all just human


may we then briefly halt and think and see

the truth that always was and always will be

that truth that bears bounties from our common tree

the truth that humanity rests within us all

in you and in me...