And the Poetess Said

Written by: Jade Celeste

And the poetess said…
“No, it is not enough….
I have not captured it…
I have not gone deep enough”…

And so she took off her outer covering
And spread it on the ground
The breeze danced in her hair
The sun kissed the nape of her neck
As she looked down…
Trying to see what lay within

And the poetess said…
“No…I have not reached the source
I have not touched the essence
I have not exposed the dream”
And she slipped out of her dress
And the sun lingered in his goodbye kiss
And the wind tugged at her body
And she fell to her knees
As the cold of the night enveloped her

And the Poetess said…
“Almost…I’m almost there
I can almost see 
I can almost hear
I can almost feel the rhythm of life
I am almost one…
One with this dark night
One with the universe
One with my trembling heart

And with an inner strength born of need
She slowly removed her inner garments
Her body and soul exposed
To the elements
And the poetess lay beneath the stars…naked
As naked as the day she was born...

And the moon cast a blanket of light over her nakedness
And the stars reached down to embrace her
And the evening came alive with the voices
Of her soul…
And she heard...
She understood...
Her every sense awake…
Her every emotion tingling...

And the poetess whispered
“I have arrived….”
And in that eternal moment
Of wanton abandon...
Her poem was born.

Eileen Manassian Ghali