Reflections of love

Written by: Wade Appelgryn

Everyone is with someone who they think they love,
but deep inside you know it wasn't love,
because why did it end?

I knew I loved you the moment I almost lost you,
felt like my heart was stretched out and immaturity was using it as a trampoline,
eventually I'm going to fall off and get hurt,
forgetting the real reason why I have you,
like my heart had amnesia,
which made your love for me die away like age,
I almost lost you but I didnt want it to end.

I knew I loved you when I eventually grew up and felt a new emotion,
that felt like butterflies exploding in my stomach,
just feels like suicide by going after it,
but I had a craving for danger,

I knew I loved you when I saw the dark side of you,
where I witnessed pure evil inside your eye's,
where anger was the smile on your face,
and death was your best friend.
I stayed and held you till the angel I knew came back.

I knew I loved you when I realised you were my best friend, my worst enemy and the love of my life,
I knew I loved you when I stayed and fought for your love and felt Immense pain for it,
but at the end holding your hand was worth everything.

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