Written by: Victoria Anderson-Throop

                                 LAST CHANCE AT LOVE

                      Winter sun startles ambitious songbirds,

                       Though their intent is sweet to see--
                    Bold trills freeze in their extended throats

                 A yesterday ago there fled a handsome thoughtless lover
             Who left behind nothing but tears and broken brown debris
                     Frost was that deserter’s clever ally, effortlessly he bit
                                   Tender Hands that tug love back 

                             “Hopeless”—sizzled in a tunnel of ice
                                      In white whispers:

                                      “This is your last love”—
                            The epithet engraved in a tunnel of ice
                            a staggering truth that shreds the fragile heart
                                             that fragile heart
                            once stalwart, now wounded past repair

                                             but spring will come
                                it cannot be wished away by frosty breath
                                                  or raging tears

                             Brilliant blossoms of feathers tickle amusement
                                                              into the stodgiest wounded soul
                              Wayward orchard fragrances in dalliance entice the 
                                           Laggard heart—a bit of hope
                                                    but uncertain of the fortitude to breathe

                          Even the bleakest of hearts aches to be lilac and spring-whole
                     How much delight can be salvaged? 
                            for a heart so oft wounded in despair?
                     How much sorrow spent can be cleverly disposed--
                        Granting a prayerful battered dreamer 
                     A tiny whiff of just one more love affair?

1/25/2013 © Victoria Anderson-Throop