You Can Do It

Written by: HOLLY MOORE

The Good-Bye

He was going off to college with his mom watching on. 
    Tears in her eyes even though he would not be gone long. 
Had she taught him enough would he make it? 
    What if too much stress and he could not shake it?
 Before he left, there were kisses and hugs 
     then she slipped a note in his luggage........

Dear Jonathan,

A lot of laughter, some pain
    Circle back then rearrange
Time to stop this train, let it be
    Try a different route and set free
Know who you are and mean it
    Be confident and brave you will benefit
Dreams, who you are when you are awake
   Open the gate, at the front line, your time to shine
Now go make it...

©Holly P. Moore
   February 2013

 To my son Jonathan, the baby is leaving the nest