-Blessed Teachers-

Written by: Christopher Stopford

   Man should feel very bless

   in having Teachers around that care

   for the learning process

   is an on going procedure

   or it should be, for Life to progress,

   For if any man thinks he knows it all

   then think again, as such

   for how then did they get to know so much

   in so little a time

   or did they?

   So thank your lucky stars

   to have peoples around that can teach

   for Teachers are very special indeed

   and even Teachers know

   that the learning process never stops

   It's only people who stops the learning way

   when they think they know it all

   and when ignorance put his foot in the door

   and bemoans his lot and cries

   he should have listened and learnt

   learn't a lot more when the Teachers were around

   but it's never to late

   there are Teachers out there

   just waiting for you to attend the class

   for the learning process never ends

   no, not even in death, not even then.