Written by: Cyndi MacMillan

A is for Allspice, one pinch will perk up a dull coffee cake, 
B is for Bay leaf, smart cooks know it’s a kitchen help mate.  

C is for Cinnamon, a perfect partner for ripened apples,
D is for Dillweed, tell me, Dear, do you pucker for pickles?
E  is for Epazote, so zesty in quesadillas, 
F is for Fennel seed, a healing herb as old as Judea. 

G is for Ginger, lets make a sweet house from gingerbread,
H is for Herbes de Provence. “C’est bon!” Grandmere often said.   

I is for Italian Seasoning, spaghetti sauce made for you, 
J is for Jamaican Jerk, rub on meat and then we'll barbeque. 

K is for Kala Zeera which has a rich, nutty flavor,
L is for Lemon Grass, steep as a tisane then savor.

M is for Marjoram, superb in a potato casserole, 
N is for Nutmeg, add to warm cider, season your soul. 

O is for oregano, this spice, dried or fresh, is so versatile,
P is for Piri Piri, a taste loved by the people of Portugal .

Q is for Quassia, brew just a bit to aid digestion,
R is for Rosemary, pork and lamb’s ideal companion. 

S is for Saffron, not only luscious, this spice is also luxurious,
T is for Thyme, use in stews and turn a bland meal delicious.  

U is for Uzazi, a rare pepper grown in Eastern Africa,
V is for Vanilla, this fragrant gift is from Mesoamerica. 

W is for Wasabi, eat in moderation or you’ll need to recoup, 
X is for X Striata, cooks in Nigeria grind this into pepper soups.

Y is for Yellow mustard seed, keep the faith and remember to pray, 
Z is for Zaa’tar, sprinkle on hummus ... dream of lands far away.

Rethink meals, replace old spices, refill those tired coffers, 
then enhance every dish with the gems the world offers. 

An example for my contest, Z is for ZARIA: An ABC Couplet. Please, see either the contests link or my blog. Thank You!