Never Ending Battle

Written by: Miki Radlinger

Intoxicating tendrils of smoke
Swarm around my head
Calling me towards there smoky start
My mind swirls and flips
I become dizzy wit desire
"No, stop it!!" I cry out
Strangers turn and stare
I'm crazy is what their thinking
"Go away!!" tears stream down my face
Just a puff my subconscious tells me
Just one, that is all you need
I begin to choke on the grey fingers
That grip around my throat
Desire is swallowing me whole
"No!" I choke out
I have a family that cares for me
My anger begins to flare
My sword slices at the smoky haze
It begins to fade away
I can think a little more clearly
Dizziness withdraws from my mind
'I'm free' crosses my mind
But the tendrils begin seeping back towards me
This battle has only just begun