Written by: daver austin


We have a new cat.
Peepers has small eyes that slant,
Are watery bright.

Took this stray inside,
Took her inside from the cold.
Nor hesitation,

Made herself at home,
Claimed family membership.
Happy a few days,

Then she grew restless,
Parked herself by the front door.
Something was missing –

The great out-of-doors’
Air of freedom was calling.
Back she went outside.

Peepers is half wild,
As are all kitties half wild.
All need their freedom.

The basic instinct - 
Freedom – man and beast alike.
Please don’t coop us up.

Gone  but a short while,
Our Peepers came back to us
Stayed another while.

Need? Security -
Need for man and beast alike.
Then, too, must be love