Hideous sounds

Written by: Jennifer Marie Oliver

No one can understand, it's not something like I've read.
Loud continuous buzzing noises filling up my head 
Constantly building in intensity they forever ring
Those buzzing crackling noises continuing to sing
I Lose my concentration,unable to even see.
Want to stop the buzzing,like cicadas in a tree.
Sometimes I cannot take no more,I just want simple peace.
I"ll go somewhere and scream out loud hoping they will cease.

I know it's my condition,to battle every day.
These annoying sounds in my head that never go away.
This is my affliction, there are days I want to run.
Tinnitus is not dangerous it just is not so fun.

Sometimes they'll diminish or somedays aren't so bad.
But,I have had them now about ten years which to me is very sad.
The procedure was a simple fix it was an easy thing.
Instead it caused noises in my head  that constantly would ring.
I have so much I want to do to live a normal life
But living with buzzing ringing noises has become my constant strife.
I pray someday that they'll just stop,these noises that I plague me
That they will stop forever and then I will be free.