A Bad Choice

Written by: Robert Pettit

Allison Jones had a terrific career. She was on the rise as a software engineer. Her Upper West Side apartment was certainly great. However, to meet expenses, she needed a roommate. Concerning the high rent, there was some doubt. That started when she asked her fiancée to move out. After an exhaustive search, the right one came one day. Hedy Carlson was the girl who would stay. Allie, how were you supposed to know? There was tragedy in Hedy’s life long ago. Her twin sister met an early demise. Personal guilt was something Hedy would surmise. Hedy’s real name was Ellen, and she had a quirky past. Allie figured this relationship should not last. Ellen’s dark episodes left plenty of room for doubt. How did things turn out? Rent the DVD and check it out. Based on the 1992 film “Single White Female”.