about me for contest

Written by: Seren Roberts

I am nearly 30 set age for being wed
Happy as a Nurse, no one to share my bed
Guess 30 was stretching the imagination
Marriage no nearer than the day I was born

Have loved and lost along the way
Health problems by the score but that’s ok
All coming to an end soon then will be free
Free to take a look at what’s about for me.

I am joking I take life more seriously
Too many people relying on me
A mission to accomplish on my list of life
Thank you’s to say, before I am a wife

So meanwhile I write poetry in Soup
Made many friends here feel cock-a-hoop
Cos some like my work think its ok
Coming here makes me smile and say

Welcome to my life, please enter here
Come smile with me, shed a quiet tear
But live, that’s the important thing to do
Welcome living into life someone’s out there for you