Written by: Jane Kostman

 I’ve fallen, fallen to my knees 
Looking for a friend as I cry out once again
So lost, lost in the dark
Knowing that in this moment I need to make a choice
Before the light never shines again
I’ve come, come to a four way cross road
Questioning, questioning where I Go
Or where should I turn
And how will I know
Because right now I’m so unsure
And here I go again crying out,
 Crying out from the inside of my heart
And deep within I feel your voice calling me
Like the rhythm of my heartbeat
And it’s like finally my eyes are open and I can see,
See the Glory of the risen king
OH- I see I’ve fallen again today, fallen to my knees
Because I feel I’ve come to another four way cross road,
And I am calling out, Calling out your name from the inside of my heart,
And you stand me up, you stand me up on the rock of your love, 
And you lead me on the path of life into the light out of the darkness hand in hand
You carry me leaving foot prints in the sand,
Oh and I have fallen to my knees again and again.