The Woman of My Dreams

Written by: James Loggins

It seems like it was only yesterday
When she and I first met 
I was wearing a beret, black jeans, a coat, and green scarf
While she was wearing eyeglasses that showed pretty green eyes,

With her honey blond hair up
We both met at Starbucks
I went there to write my poetry,
While she was there to hang with friends

As I was about to walk back to my chair
With my mocha cappuccino
She and I ran into each other
The coffee got all on my coat,

And I spilled it all over
She kept apologizing to me
But when that moment came
Where both our eyes met

There was an instant attraction
She and I talked for what seemed like hours
We exchanged phone numbers
And now two years later

We are celebrating the anniversary of our first date
It does not seem like that long ago
Where on a Monday morning at a coffee shop is
Where I met the women of my dreams