I'm Just Me

Written by: Connie Gildersleeve

I'm a thinker, brain constantly firing,
New ideas, not enough time.

I'm compassionate, lending an ear,
Helping others in their time of need
And reaching for an outstretched hand.

I'm a twin different from she yet the same.
I'm quiet where she chatters on and on.
We'er both very creative with our hands,
Painting strokes into beautiful scenes 
And weaving tales of penned words.

A high school sweetheart, a soulmate of mine,
Married forty six years, it doesn't seem that long.
He's a gem, a caregiver with loving hands.
The chapters of my life of who I am
Are still unfolding at each turn.
Life  is for living and having fun
And that's what I plan right to the very end.