Thy Almighty

Written by: david scott

The almighty were told, creator of heaven and earth
Where is he, in time's of Armageddon and self worth
Now were asking where you are in our hour of need
Yeah the grand oral disminar, do you ever take heed?

When times are grey people, are still praying to you
Asking for a better day, there saying what can you do?
People still seem to rely on prayer as it's a last hope
I ask is anyone really out there?, when we can't cope                                       

Following a righteous path?, I know wrong from right
Being religious is it daft?, for some Id say a guiding light
If a misfortune ,making a sign of the cross, is it the same?
When people are at a loss they use the lords name in vain
If on your death bed you do lay and this is your future bleak!
Dose one pray, when an atheist just turns the other cheek
When one's had enough, they ask where you are, G.O.D
While looking above, the grand oral diseminar, thy almighty

Probably not my best effort but few lines I had going on in my head 
for a while just lously put togeather ,something I've always questiond though
do we really need religion in the world? maybe without it would be a better place
it seems a watse of life, lifes already hard enough but I supoe like I heard in a song the
world spins on its axes, one ones troubles why a nother relaxes
I have miexed views because I hve almost lost my life on four or five ocassions
a couple of them were self inflicked and I was told thats a sin but then
 surley being made to suffer is a sin those who preach just tell ypu 
what someone else has told them and so on and so fourth or though
when I grew up maybe thos people were unsure of there belives which 
leaves me to uestion its like Im constantly loking for absolusion