Want the key

Written by: Tom Larrow

Man waits for his second coming, but is to blind to see
He came million of times before, but we didn't use our key

Each year, many millions of children, are born of his flesh
but, it's greed for riches and wealth, mankind does enmesh

Word's meanings, are tangled and stretched, to what end
with all this organized confusion, will mankind ever mend

His shape shifters still arrive here, as legends from the past
Will they lead us to his heaven, or keep us wandering aghast

Why?  Our key is simple, all men must get on their knees,
Bow to worship and pray for children, and seek to appease

Their hearts and eyes, hold a true wealth, of riches untold
It can be seen in their spirit, outshining all of mans gold

Children are not just a resource, to be used and disposed
Born to us, his key, if we love, cherish, teach.  It's enclosed