Written by: Quentin Ehlinger

Hey, how have you been?
Haven't seen you since...when?
Do you remember
Our first November
And all we shared back then?

I loved you - or so I thought
Except those times when we fought.
Then finally I realized
That I just idealized
All the things that you had sought!

We went different places
At such blazing paces;
We sure laughed a lot
At each and every spot.
One of us even stole bases!

Even though we didn't love
Each acted like a turtle dove,
With cooing and billing
Each more than willing
To put the other above!

But time took its toll.
We tired of the role
Of being sweethearts
And playing the parts;
Acting like love was the goal!

So today we meet,
Each taking a seat.
I don't want to fight
Or make a weird sight,
So, now, let's just eat!