Blending in tango

Written by: Sukmawati Komala

strongly believe
with what you said
very confident
with what you felt

it is a perfect expression
the pure glow 
of a sincere heart

there is a love

no doubt
love in your eyes
love in your thoughts
full in a dream 

there is a love

I guess that love 
is a tango
have to careful alignment 
needs a chemistry 
the unity
blending in tango 

if my love could choose 
as what my wish 
if my love could select
like selecting a menu
if my love could pointed at anyone

will not hesitate 
to choose you

but love is a tango
and it takes two to tango

i still don’t feel the tango
tango in the moon
tango in the dreams 

~ (c)Sukmawati komala ~ 
23 February 2013