Beauty walked by your side

Written by: João Camilo

Beauty walked by your side
With a rose in her left hand,
The wind chased her steps
Kissing softly her proud face,
The moon dove on the horizon with silent joy…
Fleeting tears drip on the sea,
As dawn blushes fair and shy,
Waves taking them to the shore
then the foam soaks the land,
the sun warms the sand where an old sailor lays…
In the woods we hear a cuckoo,
Hidden in the midst of pine trees,
On a hollow, sleeps an old owl
Dreaming with a Parnassian dale,
A butterfly leaves her cocoon for the first and last time…
Beauty I see, Beauty blinds me,
Clad on black and clad on white.
Again the spring will bloom anew,
As long the stars insist to shine
Beauty will never leave you while wandering with me.