Dilated Pineal Glands

Written by: Issac Guzman

Life's an adventure
When one's mind
Always ventures
Until they find

The bliss that
We all seem to miss

Yet, it has never
Always been like this

In the days of Lemuria
& Atlantis
When the magus
Resembled a mantis

Greek for prophet,
Or seer

Don't believe
The end is near

Always listen to
What your heart feels
& never what you hear
Since, that'll only induce fear

It's raining angel tears
From the clouds who
Rumble quite loud
Lightning shoots up

Into the darkness
Of the floating abyss

Yet, the sun remains
Above it all,
So, learn to fall;
Yearn to arise

So high,
You reach past the sky
As time passes by
& surpasses my need for glasses