Their Final Farewell

Written by: Robert L. Hinshaw

Duty called once again for the warrior brave and true.
His loving family gathered about to wish him a sad adieu.
The somber skies cast a pall upon the poignant scene,
As they bid farewell to their hero, their United States Marine!

He held his parents and they whispered, "God go with you son.
We'll pray for your protection until your tour of duty is done.
Remember well the lessons in Sunday school that you were taught,
And that the Twenty-third Psalm will comfort you when you are distraught!"

He knelt holding Danny saying, "You're the man of the house now.
I love you, son!" and tenderly kissed him upon the brow.
To little Nan he said, "Keep that smile on your pretty face."
His eyes misted as he kissed her and held her in close embrace.

As his children clasped his legs he held his sweet wife near.
They promised eternal love vowing, "I'll always love you dear.
I'll hold you in my heart - I eagerly await a happier day!"
With a final kiss he grasped his duffel and slowly walked away.

'Twas to be his final battle and then he would at last retire,
To regale his children and grandchildren nigh a glowing fire.
Alas, 'twas not to be for on the field of strife he perished,
Sacrificing all for his nation and those he loved and cherished.

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c)  All Rights Reserved