The Moon Is My Muse

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

The Moon Is My Muse A blanket of stars gives way to the moon’s magical light A nostalgic illumination that brings our dreams back to life As we sleep, our eyes capture the moonlit glow Thus showing us a place where our passions can flow Our minds from then on are placed into a deep trance One that captures someone’s heart in splendor of romance Tranquility and peace will fill the soul at last As the moon shines so magically through each shadow it cast Tonight a scene is painted through our deepest sleep One that our souls will vow to always reflect and keep In times of stress and problems that will follow We know that this moonlight scenery will glow again tomorrow Through the blanket of stars the moon will be released To capture our souls once again into a state of peace
Contest: The Moon Is My Muse Sponsor: Russell Sivey 02/24/2013