Scottish steak and chips

Written by: Peter Hall

What can make the heart grow fond
I'll give you the tip
Nothing can satisfy your taste
Like Scottish Steak and chips.

Juicy highland cattle steaks will
melt just past your lips
feeding well the hungry soul
That's Scottish steak and chips.

What can put some fat on you
on your frame and hips
you'll never ever fade away
With Scottish steak and chips.

There's no food in this modern world
whether haggis, burgers or fish
that can match the beauty and taste
of Scottish steak and chips.

TV chefs seem unawares
and seem so ill equipped
of talent, skill and feel required
to cook Scottish steak and chips.

No need to be serious
Always poems to make you think
Need a bit of humour
Eating Scottish steak and chips.

When grandchildren ask about the nation's dish
"is it haggis or whisky nips ?"
I'll lean back in my rockin' chair
eating Scottish Steak and chips.