Written by: jan oskar hansen

Hitler Lives. 

In a village near mine an old man lives, so ancient
a TV station took an interest and interviewed him, 
they thought he must be 104 or more. I looked at 
the face his mustache, white and he had gone bald;
spoke Portuguese with a heavy Austrian accent. 
No doubt in my mind I was looking at Adolf Hitler.
To my deep suspicion and when asked about his 
longevity said he a vegetarian but liked strudel,
told the village policeman about it, but first I had 
to tell him who Hitler was; a shoulder shrug, all so 
long ago no point going into all this now. 
I called the TV station they hung up on me, but 
not before I heard their unqualified laughter. 
What am I to do? Can´t just chain myself to him 
and take him to Hague…he´s too infirm for that.
A last resort is to send an email Israel, ask them 
to let Mossed (their homicide department) send 
a couple of agents and take care of the matter.