Lady with the opera mask

Written by: Teddy Kimathi

Though I can’t see your lips,
I can see love in your eyes,
with the way they are burning
with wild passion

Though I don’t know you facially,
there is a whisper of Venus telling
me that we have (had) a very close
and warm relationship that has
lasted for years

Seeing you not noticing the tunes
of the violins, splendor of the perfumed candles,
as their flames gently dance from side to side,
and the rose petals that have flooded the floor,
I believe the whisperer to be saying the truth

It is only by removing your opera mask that I can
know you really are to my life; but the only
problem is that you are attempting to run away
when my fingers near your hidden face,
leaving me with clues to trace
of your life and history from anyone who is next
to me, wearing an opera mask just like you and I