on monogamy

Written by: andrew delapruch

watch the blissful couple
whisper to each other about
how they need to get out quick,
leave their current 
circumstance &
so they can get home & ****!
see the epitome of 21st century romance
plastered on the face**** page &
listen to it being
twatted in 140 characters,
from the highest rafters---
with the images on the magazines of
“happy” celebrities & the
baby bumps that swell
(every time the collective consumer consciousness
begins to forget about them),
for some reason the citizens of the empire
still pretend that monogamy means something---
even though the statistics don’t lie,
even though the generation of individuals
who would stay together for ****ing decades,
is dying off,
still, there is a “moral imperative” that lingers,
like the stench of rotting meat
collecting flies & maggots,
like we as a species owe our lives to the very
religious fairy tales,
which we conjured up thousands of years ago 
to calm our fear of diseases that we can now cure,
which we conjured up to protect us from things that
went bump in the night,
of which we now can illuminate with electricity &
buzzing neon,
while choice disbelievers in the religious 
fairytales, still secretly entertain their own personal
for they buy into the promises of the state &
get their little piece of paper,
knowing in their hearts that they were
“meant to be together forever”---
all these lies which are supposed to gear us towards
“tying the knot” & 
popping out rugrats like PEZ,
do nothing to save two people from the inevitable decline
that comes to all couples
who give up on keeping themselves in shape,
who give into the speed of life that charges against them,
who give up & listen to their older delusional relatives
who won’t stop asking why they aren’t living exactly the same
way as they are,
who decide to be discontented,
who decide to be unhappy,
who decide that yelling & screaming at one another
is a way of life to be
simply because
“it has to be.”