Written by: Arra Black

No matter how deep you think you dug
The earth on top still lies fresh
In a heartbeat
In a teardrop
In the flutter of a Raven’s wings
Mere seconds it takes
For those memories
Those feeling that ache
To be dug up and placed at your feet
Soiled from the time wasted
Bitter from the Chance lost
You feel sickened
Like you are nothing better than a flea bitten mutt
You see your failures
All you have done
The chances that you have lost
In the barrel of a gun
Where am I now?
Staring six feet down
At all I could have had
All I threw away
What am I?
Kicked on the ground by my own heal
Bleeding slowly by my own hand
Heart faltering by my own actions
At the edge of darkness I stand
Wondering what could have been
I should have corrected my sin
I should have buried myself with it all
For I am nothing without them
A man I should have cherished more
A friend I should have been there for
A stranger that I could not spare a kindness
I will dig a grave for myself
Close my eyes and dream
Imagine a life where I did not fail
And slowly forget to breathe.