As If He Knew

Written by: Tim Ryerson

He loved
his sisters and nephews and nieces
his friends, his enemies and Skittles
Neil Young and Hendrix and Dylan
LSU, the Astros, the Saints
crab boils and back-yard basketball
running the roads with his buddies...

Yes he loved
many things and hated very few
Like sitting up late and talking
about good music and bad movies
about prancing, primping pre-madonnas
about good and evil and wrong and right
about God, the Universe and human folly
about the why and when and what and where
with insight that defied his young years
as if he knew...

Oh yes he loved
trying anything he never tried
trying, almost desperately trying
to cram a whole lifetime
into twenty-one years...

Oh how he loved, oh how he laughed
Oh how he sparkled and shined...

(Yet there was that faint tint of sadness,
a tiny shake of the head, a far-off look
as if he knew...)

For Daniel Ryerson
3/24/1980 - 4/9/2001