The Potter And I

Written by: Lucilla Carrillo

The POTTER and I As I prayed one day - I told my Lord, You are THE POTTER and I am the clay. Please change me anyway you want, just change my life and make me new again. He told me - I don't like you - So I'm going to break you up and in a beautiful new glass you will be transformed - but in the process - I am going to make you cry, because through fire I will have to make you go. He said - I want a smile, when everything is wrong. I want to have your confidence, in the middle of a STORM. I want to hear a song instead of your COMPLAINES and you will learn to FORGIVE the ones that have done you wrong. The POTTER took my hand and led me on my way. He started working on me - a little everyday. The process is not easy, but I am on my way and if The POTTER stays with me - I'll be beautiful one day...
02/23/2013 Written By Lucilla M. Carrillo