Battling Addiction

Written by: Chuma Okonkwo

Like vitiligo it spreads across your brain cell
Whistles its addictive rhythm to your spell.
Like Alzheimer it eats away your memory
Bewitches your mind to apocalypse a la gory.

To the addictive evil hand your soul you sold
That’s procrastination; it devours your whole.
Procrastination prods like a knife blade
Confines you to a space you can’t escape.

Procrastination’s a sweet pill you hardly resist
So addicted you become that you can’t desist.
At the abyss of laziness your intelligence lies
Your mind’s killed daily as your creativity dies.

Procrastination is an addiction with a price tag
Indolence, un-productivity inter alia in your bag
You shop until your thoughts are eroded
And your mind’s consumed until all idea’s faded.

Procrastination’s an addiction to battle to its grave
You win until you silence and abandon your crave
For the enticing cadence it plays on your brain.
Only then will you be un-addicted again.!

For Anne Currin contest….