Winter's Lair

Written by: Donna Jones

Evening skies darken to ashen gray
Mesmerizing, no glance dare go astray

Small living creatures sense looming danger
Low black clouds, mother nature's anger 

Trees scatter moonlight's eerie shadows
Warm breath turns crisp in this sudden winter castle

Stardust lands on frozen meadows
As creeping fog erases moon's shadows

Icicles hang like stinging tassels
From petals on yesterday's beautiful flowers

Footsteps today placed upon soft green grass
Now shatter beneath me like breaking glass

Bare exposed arms of the mighty oak tree
Even her fingers, tremble of what is to be

Now encased completely in coffins of ice
Awaiting mother nature's one destructive sigh

To bring down her branches
Out goes the power
End of story

┬ęDonna Jones