Kiss The Rain

Written by: Adarsh Raj

                KISS THE RAIN
(anguish of a flood survivor)
Distinguish,I can't,between raindrops and tears,
For my face now is a tragedy,carved out by demons .
Do the rains try to soothe, or amplify my fears,
and mock my existence,full of sarcastic puns?
They swayed away,to rhythms of nature,
with rains oiling the wet inferno.
The flood engulfing all beseechers,
wrestling for life,but ending with K.O.
It's me who survives, to tell you the tale,
pale be my face,caressed by the rain.
The armada of dear ones,lifeless they sail,
soaking the rain, the seed of this bane.
Insane now I grow,when I think of days,
when my skin was tickled,by tears of clouds.
But providence failed,as they cried on my face,
and washed away my kin,with me covered in shroud.
Thou kiss the rain,and hail the elation,
your pardon I implore,for it's you I envy.
No peace in my life, a rainy fiction,
with silence before  tempest,then silence eternally.