I feel that inner child cry,
I've only myself to soothe tears dry.
You prey in a creepy nightmare,
To condemn, entrap, hurt and ensnare.

A precipice so deep so vast,
formed from tears of an abusive past.
Raging torrents erode the wall,
Just below me as I crawl.

A path of destruction, tries drowning me,
Cursed with only the callous treachery.
I crawl tooth and nail along a precipice.
Rebelliously, glare into sick eyes, shaking a fist.

Your perniciousness for me I stubbornly defy
In spite of the anxious inner child's cry.
Your residue resonates in my brain.
Doggedly I climb, even with the stain.

I'll never concede to being a slave,
I curse YOU, as I dance on your grave.
I refuse to bow to your sadistic reign,
Come on daddy bring on the pain!

You can steal my serenity, consigning scars,
You can try to build the precipice to the stars.
You can’t cheat me of the self-respect I hold.
This tenacious soul will never be sold.